Volkswagen Jetta Driveshaft


Renewing your COE? 
Do come down to Sing Spare to get a free driveshaft check.

Most of the time people just feel that once their car is old it should have a ton of noise. But at here at Sing Spare we dont feel that way.
Today our customer came down to get his free driveshaft check after renewing his COE. Upon inspection we found out that his driveshaft had freeplay and was falling apart due to the driveshaft rubber being torn and not replaced for a long time.

He was complaing that there was alot of vibration coming from under his car and he had problem controling his car during turns. All of these are common problems of a failing driveshaft.
Which if not replaced soon will lead to other car parts becoming spoilt example the bushings and joints as there is excess vibrations coming from the driveshaft which causes them to wear out faster.

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