Honda Integra DC2 Steering Rack & Drive Shaft / Driveshaft


Do you know there are common symptoms between steering rack and drive shaft when they are failing?

A common symptom of a failing driveshaft and steering rack is an intense vibrations. The vibrations of bad drive shaft would be coming from the undercarriage. Meanwhile, for bad steering rack, the vibrations coming from the steering wheel itself.

Another similarity is that both of them produce sound when they are failing. If you hear a loud clunking noise when shifting your vehicle, this is the sign of drive shaft damage. The likely culprit is a worn u-joint. A clunking sound is sign of a failing steering rack as well. When you turn your steering wheel, try to listen for this knocking or clunking noise. It normally can be heard close to where your foot rest.

Here at Sing Spare Parts Co, we keep up to date on drive shaft and steering rack for any model of vehicles. We provide new and reconditioning of drive shaft and steering rack.

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